Call Centre as a Service

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Having a Call Centre with no installation time or hardware? You’re dreaming!

Not with PingCo’s Call Centre solution, as it’s all hosted in the cloud!

Our trusted partnership with CyTrack provides you with one of the leading Call Centre solutions that is fully-integrated with our Hosted Skype for Business.

You will have access to all the features of CyTrack’s Call Centre solution, as well as virtual management software that is installed and hosted in our cloud.

One of the many benefits of cloud hosting is that installation time is almost non-existent. With no onsite hardware or equipment, there is no appointments for onsite visits or waiting for products to arrive.

Our service also gives you the option to record calls. You have the flexibility and control to decide how your calls are recorded.

Benefits of our Call Centre Solution:

  • Removes the need for onsite resources.

  • Saves expertise in setting up the management software.

  • Quick provisioning time.

  • Integration of PingCo’s hosted Skype for Business service.

  • Call recording feature.

  • Access to a fully-functional CyTrack Call Centre solution.