Salto Lock System

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PingCo is the first reseller to be able to host a fully-managed access control system in the cloud!

The Australian Certified Salto Locks can be controlled by a centralized software system. This means you have total control over who has access to where, and the ability to terminate lost Radio-Frequency (RF) cards and fobs.

Salto Locks are designed to be networked without wires and, with the help of PingCo, completely hosted in the cloud. This intelligent lock system, gives you total control of your security locks and provides you with real-time data for analysis and monitoring.

No matter your industry, this security system will work for you. With a great range of products, from physical units to software, you can tailor make this system to your individual needs.

Benefits of the Salto Lock System:

  • Ability to self-manage users via the management software (hosted in our cloud).

  • Use of cards, fobs and RF labels to eliminate the need for keys.

  • No need to worry about losing a your keys and having to re-key traditional locks.

  • Set different user access levels to locks.

  • Auditing lock entry and exit capabilities.

  • Emergency Mode to open and close locks remotely.

  • Easy-to-use management software.

  • Wireless and non-wireless locks available.

  • Wide variety of locks available to choose from.