At PingCo we are not strictly business, we like to have fun from time to time. Along with our sister company, TVSA Pilot Training, we have established a Social Club where we get together for a night out once every 3 months.

After a very competitive Go-Karting race, we decided to put our brains to work in an Escape Room challenge this time around.

As everyone gathered at the venue, it became apparent that some of the staff had done some ‘research’ by trying to google the answers. Despite all the cheating allegations, teams were picked and rooms were chosen.

More than an hour later, the buzzer goes but neither party were willing to admit defeat. As it turns out, we are good at what we do, just not at solving puzzles.



Our Team

Team Forensic (Left): Ed, Lee, Lindsay, Sean, Tina
Team Injustice (Right): Annie, Dan, Anjee, Jeremy, Toni
The victors – or are they really with a longer time score?



The loosing team were out for blood and sort their revenge by turning a nice social pool game into a winner takes all competition!

And the results are….

Toni Ed
Annie WINNER Lee
Dan Dan Ed
Jeremy Jeremy Lee
Dan Anjee
Jeremy Lindsay


I wonder how competitive we are all going to get at Mini Golf this month…