3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Managed Firewall Service

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Managed Firewall Service

Of all the vital cybersecurity tactics you will need to implement for your business, a firewall is one of the most basic essentials that you need to set up and manage. They are there to block any unauthorised connections to your computer, ensuring that viruses, hackers, and other dangers do not get their hands on your data and access your network.

Unfortunately, much like anything within the digital world, things evolve—and that includes attacks that ill-willed people conduct. As such, working with out-of-date or misconfigured firewalls can easily lead to trouble. What makes things worse is that properly setting up and maintaining firewalls is a tough challenge, even for big businesses!

With that in mind, if you are running a small business and want to protect yourself from cyberattacks, here is why you need managed firewall support to ensure so:

1. Improves workplace efficiency

One of the most important reasons to have someone else manage your firewall is the fact that it will free up your time to focus on other parts of your business. This allows you to become much more efficient at work, not to mention, produce better results.

A managed support team will ensure that throughout your activities, you remain safe from the outside world. They will not only configure your firewall as you need but also continue monitoring it for any potential threats that need an immediate response. Plus, they will be responsible for making the right updates and upgrades with any firewall technology, keeping you up to date and ahead of any online risks.

2. Enhances your first line of defence

Remember, your firewall is not your last line of defence. It is your first—and as such, you need to make sure they are up there in terms of security levels! Any mishaps here can quickly lead to the demise of your business network, falling prey to attacks that can put your business at various risks.

As such, having professionals manage your firework can ensure that this first line of defence is configured properly and maintained at all times. With their assistance, this wall can also be kept up to date, keeping as many attacks as possible at bay.

3. Prevents access to unnecessary content

While firewalls are geared towards blocking outside connections, it can also be tailored to block connections from the inside. For instance, many business owners have used firewalls to stop their workers from social media access. As a worker, this might seem like nothing more than a nuisance—but in the broader image of things, such use of the internet leads to wasted time resulting in inefficiency.

In other words, you can gear your firewall to promote productivity, and with the help of experts to do this, you can ensure that productivity is maintained.


All in all, having a firewall is important, but having someone to manage it is even more so! Working with managed firewall services means that you work with experts that know what they are doing in the world of cybersecurity. They will ensure that your firewall is configured to your exact needs—helping maintain a safe and secure environment to run your business.

That said, take the time to choose your service providers carefully. Each agency will be different from the other, so ensuring that you pick the right one will boost your chances of success in this digital world, safe from outside threats that can lead to the demise of your company.

PingCo offers business cloud solutions in Victoria to help businesses migrate and maximise their use of cloud-based computing. Work with us today and gain the managed firewall service you need to protect your business!

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