5 Reasons to Get Microsoft Teams for Your Organisation

Today, companies have taken their processes digital. Employees are now collaborating more online, so there’s a bigger need for reliable tools to communicate, schedule meetings and collaborate. There are many online tools available today, yet one of the most popular ones is Microsoft Teams.

If you haven’t used Microsoft Teams yet, here are the reasons you should:

1. It Makes Things Easier and More Effective

Microsoft Teams will let you schedule meetings with video, audio and screen sharing ability on the platform. It can be integrated with Skype for business. Such features set it apart from similar platforms that require a call-in number and pin code.

Group meetings are easier in Teams because it only needs you to be a part of the team, even if team members are in different locations.

2. It Supports Communication On-the-Go

Microsoft Teams is an app, which means you can access it across all devices. You can collaborate with your team even if you’re on the go. With that, you never have to worry about miscommunications or missed meetings. If you’re stuck in traffic and late for the meeting, you can still join!

The platform will let you set meetings, chats, calls and even access files. Moreover, it brings all your communications together into one place to make collaboration with employees go as smoothly as possible.

There is also the Teams Calling that is a great alternative to the traditional phone system. With this, you can receive calls on any device wherever you are.

3. It’s Highly Customisable

Microsoft Teams has an app store that allows you to access multiple apps to support your growing business needs. Some of the most popular features and apps for meetings are Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Sign, Flow and Planner.

4. It Allows for Easy Recognition in the Workplace

If you are a big company, then it’s difficult for some employees to know who’s who. Thanks to the Wiki tab that comes with the Microsoft Teams platform, it will give everyone within the team a short bio on who that person is. Therefore, it takes out the guesswork, which allows for a more efficient collaboration and communication. Plus, it eliminates time spent on orientations or team introductions.

5. It Has the Office 365 Suite

One of the best things about Microsoft Teams is that it integrates with the Office 365 Suite. It can have over 30 different applications that help run the business effectively and in a more organised way. It’s a huge advantage for your company, and not only does it have a great synergy with Microsoft apps, but there are other third-party applications too that can keep your business running well.

An All-Around Essential Hub for Your Business

As you can see, Microsoft Teams is a great addition to any company today. It boosts communication and collaboration online, which makes it easier for everyone in the business. That’s why you should consider getting Microsoft Teams as one of the tools you use for your business because it will indeed go a long way. Making the platform a part of your organisation is definitely a game-changer.

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