Enabling tomorrow’s telecommunications, today.

Established 2011, we can help your business move into the future.

About Us

Who is PingCo?

At PingCo we provide cloud solution services to businesses who are moving to cloud-based computing. Since our establishment in 2011, we have helped our customers successfully move into the future.

Clients who were being moved to the cloud, found that they had issues with hosting various necessary components. That’s where PingCo stepped in! We started partnering with suppliers to provide businesses with the services they require.

Over the last 6 years we have developed a national footprint, giving us the resources to support any business, no matter their location.

Customer Understanding

Understanding and making customer’s needs and requirements the priority.

Ongoing Support

Consistently providing customers with first class ongoing technical support.

Data Security

Keeping all services and confidential customer data 100% secure and private.

Decision Making

Educating customers to ensure they make the best and most reliable decision.

OUr Purpose

Vision And Values

PingCo was born with the ideology to provide customers with secure access to their private cloud without expensive overhead costs related to infrastructure.

PingCo will continually grow and adapt. We continue to update and develop our services to better suit individuals and keep you on the leading edge of cloud computing. We provide support to troubleshoot and sustain your private cloud for years to come.

The People

Meet The Team

These are the people who make it happen.

Daniel Pearson


Daniel Pearson is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of PingCo

A pilot and award-winning entrepreneur, Daniels’s experience as a growth-focused business leader and IT expert spans 18 years. He founded PingCo in 2011 after managing ICOMM IT department as CIO, and has since developed PingCo into one of VIctoria’s top cloud solution companies. 

Outside of his executive duties, Daniel is a skilled aviator and mechanic, and loves spending time with his two daughters.

Sean Agius


In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Sean Agius ideates and implements PingCo’s technical vision.

Leveraging 15 years of experience in IT, solutions architecture, and technical implementation, Sean is responsible for driving innovation across PingCo’s services range, and also oversees the company’s technical support teams.

Outside the office, Sean is a passionate Generation 2.5 racer.

What makes us Famous

PingCo’s TCAP is the only Teams Calling deployment solution to deliver the tiered flexibility and speed-to-market for customers and partners globally. It doesn’t matter whether you’re deploying a single user or deploying hundreds of thousands of users – TCAP scales and can support the provisioning of over 100 companies per minute.
You don’t need to worry about teams of engineers, complex projects, or lengthy, costly deployment times. TCAP will have you up and running in minutes.