Client Stories

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“It took us over six months, 20 staff and a large capital outlay to get Teams Calling working for our university. We then had one of our divisions engage PingCo to deploy Teams Calling outside of our platform and they had it done in minutes. If we had have known this was available, we would have started with PingCo. We are now in the process of decommissioning our own-built solution and migrating all our users to the TCAP.” – University, 5,000 + users

“We looked at many options available to us and had made a start on direct routing ourselves. PingCo approached us to look at the platform. At first, we didn’t believe it. After a 30-minute demonstration, we were sold. We have since decommissioned our own direct routing platform and have deployed the solution inside of our own Azure environment, with PingCo providing all the management. It has significantly reduced our go-to-market costs and increased our speed of deployments substantially.” – Carrier Partner, 800+ partners

“We needed assistance ASAP. Our on-premise phone system had died and we had no remote working solutions available for our telephony. We are an existing user of Teams, so it was a simple decision to use PingCo for Teams Calling. Within an hour, we had calls routing to our staff, who were all working from home. We kept our original numbers and were so impressed by the solution we have since started getting our customers on board.” – Managed Services SME, 26 staff