Cloud PC

Modernise endpoints with Cloud PC, a hybrid solution that reimagines endpoint ecosystems and creates secure employee experiences.

Cloud PC

Faster. Safer. More Consistent.

Windows 365 Cloud PC is the future of computers. 

With agile deployment, a streamlined OS, increased security, and the creation of seamless employee experiences, Cloud PC is a cloud-native way to manage workplace endpoints.             

Cloud PC

Why Use Cloud PC?

Endpoint security is an increasing concern for enterprises – over 60% of endpoints are mobile devices that are severely lacking in protection.

And, with over 80% of daily work performed on mobile devices, security through modernisation is becoming the best path forward.

With fully virtual infrastructure, Cloud PC is a hybrid solution for a hybrid world – it reduces the inherent security and compliance risks associated with endpoints.

Importantly, that protection doesn’t come at a cost to employee experiences.  Cloud PC is a user-first service, with better performance than standard endpoints.  

It’s time to step into the future.        

Special Features

Who is Cloud PC For?

Windows 365 Cloud PC is for anyone.

Individuals. SMBs. Enterprises.

Any organisation that can benefit from increased security and more agile endpoint solutions should modernise with Cloud PC.

Staying with legacy infrastructure significantly increases risks – of security breaches, of decreased productivity, and of unnecessary resource expenditure.

Choose Cloud PC.  Choose the future.


Cloud PC

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