How to Choose Between Break/Fix and Managed Services

If your business involves technology and cloud services somehow, you need to acquire online assistance and protection. There are two options for entrepreneurs when it comes to IT concerns: break/fix support and managed services. If you are confused about what they are and which is better for you, here are the things you need to know:

What Is a Break/Fix Service?

Simply put, the break/fix service model is the provision of IT services that are billed only when needed. Therefore, you do not have to pay a fixed price every month, and you only request their services when you need them.  

What Are the Problems With the Break/Fix Model?

Because of changing times and the transforming online needs, the break/fix model is declining in popularity. Choosing this option could potentially bring the following challenges to your business:

●      Unpredictable Expenses: Since you only pay when you need to, you would find it difficult to predict your annual expenses, making it challenging for your business to prepare a yearly budget for this outsourced service.

●      Bigger Responsibility: Since you decide when you need help, a heavier responsibility lies on your shoulders as an entrepreneur, regardless of your knowledge or background in IT. One late decision or a simple mistake and things could result in immense consequences.

●      Longer Downtime: Because you only get support when you need it, you might need to wait longer for the problem to be fixed, resulting in extended downtime for your visitors.

●      Short-Term Fixes: Due to the irregularity, the team focuses more on short-term fixes instead of investing in long-lasting solutions. Moreover, the service provider will only focus on the current problem instead of proposing long-term solutions that address the business’s goals.

What Is a Managed Service? 

Unlike the break/fix service, managed service is a more proactive IT support system. If you choose this model, you would need to pay a flat monthly fee. However, that also means your IT support service, including monitoring and management, is provided for the entire duration of your subscription.

Why Managed Service Is Better for Your Business

●      Long-Term Solutions: You can tell your service provider your long-term goals, and they can provide you with a more beneficial and cost-effective solution for the company.

●      Budgeted Expense: Since you pay a fee every month, you would know how much you need to spend on this service in a year and plan your budget better. 

●      Peace of Mind: You can relax because experts are looking after your IT operations 24/7. When trouble arises, you know that solutions can come immediately after.

●      Better Security and Protection: You would know that your site and network is reliable and up-to-date in all aspects because there is a team looking after your interests. These providers also invest in the best infrastructure to perform their jobs well.


Both the break/fix and managed IT services have the same goal: to address primary IT concerns, system repairs, software installation, upgrades, and fixing networking problems. Both of these models can address these problems but with fundamentally different methods. Choose which you think could be a better investment and could benefit you in the long run.

If you are looking for a managed service provider, you are on the right page. PingCo’s objective is to relieve you from the stress of managing your business’s IT infrastructure so you can focus on growing it. Learn how we can help you by calling us at 1300 746 426.

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