Managed Firewall

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Our Managed Firewall providers:

We also allow our partners and customers the option to bring their own firewall. If it is physical or virtual we can integrate it into your private cloud.

Protect your valuable data from cyber attacks with a Managed Firewall Service.  

With both physical and virtual firewalls on offer, a Manager Firewall Service is the best way to protect your data from unwanted intruders. This proactive approach secures your data and provides internal monitoring.

This service will protect your business without draining your resources and bank account.

The solutions we offer include:

Fully-Managed Service

This service is fully-managed by our PingCo engineers. We will complete any changes or upgrades that are required to keep your equipment safe.

We will also provide full technical support available for the life of the subscription.

Semi-Managed Service

You will be in the driver’s seat, monitoring and altering services as you need. Our engineers will be available should you need any assistance.

Benefits of a Managed Firewall Service:

  • Can be fully-managed by a team of experts.

  • Virtual or physical units available.

  • Ability to produce reports on network activity when required.

  • Choice between different security feature sets.

  • Implement firewall features, such as:

      • Application Control

      • Gateway AntiVirus

      • Intrusion Prevention

      • Reputation Based Threat Prevention

      • Spam Prevention

      • URL Filtering

  • No IT security training needed if fully-managed.

  • First line of technical support is provided in-house from PingCo as well as full technical support from the vendors.