PingCo and Tollring Announce Global Strategic Alliance

PingCo has announced they have agreed a global strategic alliance with UK based Tollring to include their offerings in within PingCo’s broader Microsoft ecosystem. 

PingCo will deliver Tollring’s Analytics 365 Call Analytics and Call Recording services as fully integrated addition to its TCAP Services Hub platform. TCAP is the leading automation provisioning platform for service providers to deliver Microsoft Teams Voice Services, and numerous diverse voice and migration services. 

PingCo streamlines and shortens the process that telcos, system integrators and managed service providers need to undertake when becoming authorised for Operator Connect and  Direct Routing.  The TCAP platform removes the complexity of provisioning, configuration and billing, and now offers providers the ability to add Analytics 365 Call Analytics and Call Recording services at the touch of a button. 

Analytics 365 Call Analytics makes it easy for organisations of any size to visualise and measure business-critical call performance across Teams Phone activity. When used alongside AI-powered Call Recording, a whole new level of insights into customer sentiment, trends and behavioural patterns will help foster unprecedented improvements in customer experience. The intuitive dashboard of Analytics 365 provides multiple views and wallboards, so users can understand their call performance and improve internal staffing levels to meet customer expectations.

“We are seeing a huge uptick in the Teams Calling market with Operator Connect, and are helping our partners to capitalise on the global VoIP services market which is expected to reach $102.5 billion by 2026. “Adding services likes Analytics 365 to the TCAP platform gives our partners a range of new valuable applications to deliver to their customers. In turn, it gives end customers access to the tools and services they need to understand how they communicate on the Teams platform and insights into how to improve the overall customer experience.” 

Dan Pearson, CEO and Founder of PingCo

“This is a hugely exciting opportunity for both our organisations.  We’ve worked closely with Microsoft to develop our analytics and recording services for Teams.  Seamless integration with TCAP enables service providers to transform their teams proposition and add tangible value to maximise customer experience.”

Tony Martino, CEO of Tollring 

About PingCo

Founded in 2011, PingCo is a leading telco-as-a-service company that uses cloud-based software solutions to help companies communicate more efficiently. Its software portfolio is spearheaded by TCAP, a communications automation platform that streamlines telecommunications setup and management for carriers, wholesalers, and end users. 

About Tollring

Tollring is a market leading software developer providing data visualisation and business intelligence tools that help manage, understand and control a wide array of communications information, resources and assets.  

With offices in the UK, the USA, India and Australia, Tollring specialises in business communications analytics, call recording solutions, telecoms expense management and fraud management systems.   Its innovative solutions are developed in-house and distributed via an extensive channel partner network to over 31,000 businesses globally.  

Tollring prides itself in its high levels of technical capability and strives to deliver outstanding support having been certified in quality standard ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management. It is a Microsoft Gold Partner in application integration, data analytics, application development, cloud platforms and a Silver Partner in project and portfolio management.

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