Racks as a Service

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If your company was a human, then your company’s servers would be the brain.

Our Racks as a Service offering provides storage facilities for your physical hardware. We will store and protect your infrastructure off-site in our data center, without you losing control of you data and functionality.

Many organisations have their own server room which is typically not built to run servers. In most cases, the server room is running on UPS power that is directly derived from the building. Environmental factors, such as temperature  and humidity, can be troublesome to manage, not to mention the cost of real estate and lack of physical security.

We offer our partners and customers the ability to purchase as little as one rack unit (RU) of space, through to quarter and half racks, as well as full racks.

With flexible terms, you can use our Racks as a Service product to begin your journey to the cloud. Slowly migrate your physical workloads to the cloud and when complete, simply hand back the rack space.

Benefit of Racks as a Service:

  • Option to setup secure off-site back ups.

  • Protection of your equipment with data center power and security.

  • Flexibility to add or remove equipment as needed.

  • Web access to monitor and remotely open/close doors.

  • Flexible connectivity options.

  • Ability to tap into PingCo’s other services by connecting into our back end network.