Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

PingCo offers customised support as part of all our services.

The following response times are indicators for the level of support that will be provided as part of the contract. A response time is indicative of when the troubleshooting and resolution process will commence depending on the security level.

Custom levels of support are available. Please contact us for a quotation.





  • Business critical service unavailable (e.g. no users can sign into the service)
  • Business critical software system unavailable (e.g. active directory, terminal server)
  • More than 50% of users effected

2 hours


  • Performance of system heavily degraded
  • Non-business critical system unavailable
  • More than 10% of users effected

4 hours


  • Performance of non-business critical system heavily degraded
  • Single user unable to work or less than 10% of users effected (includes password resets)
  • Non business critical

8 hours

Please Note:

Response times will not apply in the rectification of the issue if it is due to an action of either the customer’s staff, any third-party vendor or service supplier. Power loss and environmental disasters (flooding, storm damage, etc.) fall outside of the scope of this agreement and whilst we will endeavour to provide a premium level of support, SLAs are not applicable in these circumstances.