Session Border Controller (SBC) as a Service

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Along with your Managed Firewall service, a SBC will complete your security package. 

A virtual SBC connects you, through our data center, to your SIP service provider. This service provides you with a private and protected link for your Voice over IP calls.

An SBC is a critical element to any Cloud PBX or dedicated telephony solution. If you are considering using Office 365 for its calling capabilities, an SBC is a must.

PingCo is able to offer you a a fully-hosted service, while being 100% self-managed. You are able to get the control and functionality of this service, without having to invest in purchasing your own infrastructure.

Benefits of a Session Border Controller service

  • Flexibility on how to use and configure your own media gateway.

  • Direct and secure gateway to SIP service providers.

  • Access to reporting and tracing.

  • Backups of the virtual SBC.

  • Benefits of security being in the data center.