Cloud Connect​

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Ultimate Privacy And Reliability

Our Cloud Connect Service Gives You Ultimate Privacy And Reliability When Accessing Your Public Cloud Services!

PingCo’s AWS Direct Connect and Express Route services allow you to create a private connection between your data centre infrastructure and public cloud services. Our Cloud Connect service DOES NOT use public internet, ensuring the utmost security and speed when accessing your data.

Our engineers will provide you with end-to-end configuration, eliminating the need for you to manage the installation or configuration of the service.

Features And Benefits

Benefits Of Cloud Connect

High Reliability

Extreme reliability when accessing your public cloud services

High Security

Highest level of security possible with a private connection

Low Latency

Low, consistent latency for quicker response times and high performance

Fast Access Speed

Faster access speeds as the connection doesn’t transverse over the internet

Unlimited Bandwidth

No data transfer limit up to the maximum express route bandwidth purchased

Suitable for all

Cloud Connect Solutions

Our Cloud Connect service is suitable for all businesses, big or small, who require a direct, high-speed and private connection to their public cloud providers. Enquire today to learn more about Cloud Connect. A PingCo technical expert can assist you with end-to-end solutions that are personalised to your individual needs.

Cloud Connect