Public Cloud Connect Solutions in Australia

Back your business with a network you trust! PingCo’s Cloud Direct Connect allows you to access your business’ public cloud services with absolute privacy for safe and secure service usage.


Ultimate Privacy And Reliability

Our Cloud Connect Service Gives You Ultimate Privacy And Reliability When Accessing Your Public Cloud Services!

PingCo’s AWS Direct Connect and Express Route services allow you to create a private connection between your data centre infrastructure and public cloud services. Our Cloud Connect service DOES NOT use public internet, ensuring the utmost security and speed when accessing your data.

Our engineers will provide you with end-to-end configuration, eliminating the need for you to manage the installation or configuration of the service.


Why Use AWS Direct Connect?

With PingCo’s Cloud Direct Connection, you can directly connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using your private network.

Secure Access to Public Cloud Providers

Before Cloud Direct Connect, you can only access public cloud storage through a public internet connection. However, a public network is vulnerable to hackers and other malicious activities that could hack your network. What’s more, when your internet connection is down, you won’t be able to access your cloud services.

Cloud Direct Connect utilizes a private network to connect and transport data to your public cloud services. This adds a layer of security to your connection without constraining your bandwidth or increasing latency, both of which result in performance issues.

Cloud Connect
Cloud Connect

Enable Digital Transformation in the Workplace

Organisations that haven’t leveraged the power of public cloud services like AWS are missing out on the opportunity for innovation and digital transformation AWS brings.

AWS enables seamless work collaboration with its array of database, software, and analytics, making it a one-stop shop for all your team’s cloud computing needs. With all these services, you can increase efficiency within your organisation.

Bridge Connection Between the Cloud and the Workplace

The right Cloud Direct Connect solution gives you access to the cloud’s full suite of tools and functions for your business without sacrificing control or security. This establishes long-term success by taking advantage of cloud computing and all its benefits.

PingCo provides end-to-end AWS Direct Connect solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Get in touch with us today for a consultation.

Cloud Connect

Who is Cloud Direct Connect for?

Big or small, businesses that transfer large data sets, use real-time data feeds, and utilise hybrid data storage environments (cloud and on-site) benefit from Cloud Direct Connect solutions the most.

This service enables your business to do all the above mentioned processes securely. Cloud Direct Connect also makes it possible for your business to set up a private and dedicated connection between AWS and your business’ data center, office, or co-location environment.

Cloud Connect

How Does Cloud Direct Connect work?

Cloud Direct Connect establishes a private network connection to public cloud services. Here’s how it works: PingCo uses industry standard virtual LANs to establish a private and direct connection between your business and the AWS cloud.

These VLANs can be split into several virtual interfaces that allow your team to access public and private cloud services while maintaining security through the private direct connection. You control how data is routed and transferred between your on-site storage or devices and the cloud.

Features And Benefits

Benefits Of Cloud Connect

High Reliability

Extreme reliability when accessing your public cloud services

High Security

Highest level of security possible with a private connection

Low Latency

Low, consistent latency for quicker response times and high performance

Fast Access Speed

Faster access speeds as the connection doesn’t transverse over the internet

Unlimited Bandwidth

No data transfer limit up to the maximum express route bandwidth purchased

Why US

Why Choose PingCo?

PingCo is a leading provider of powerful cloud solutions in Australia. With PingCo as your organisation’s chosen Cloud Direct Connect service provider, you can enjoy the benefits of using a public cloud service like AWS without worrying about security.

The PingCo team is also composed of cloud technology experts who can provide you with comprehensive end-to-end support and technical assistance.

Suitable for all

Cloud Connect Solutions

Our Cloud Connect service is suitable for all businesses, big or small, who require a direct, high-speed and private connection to their public cloud providers. Enquire today to learn more about Cloud Connect. A PingCo technical expert can assist you with end-to-end solutions that are personalised to your individual needs.



Frequently Asked Questions

Private network connections cost significantly less, provide a more consistent network experience, prevent latency and have more bandwidth than internet-based connections.

Cloud Direct Connect gives your organisation extra security and reliability when accessing AWS and other cloud services.

You can transfer large amounts of data between your business premises and the cloud, conduct real-time data processing, and use bandwidth-hungry applications securely and without hiccups with Cloud Direct Connect.

The cost of Cloud Direct Connect setup and installation varies depending on your organisation’s specific needs. Get in touch with our team today and we can give you a quote.