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PingCo provides customised internet access plans for business and commercial use, so you can ensure seamless operation within your organisation.


Internet for Businesses and Commercial Establishments

Today’s businesses utilise tools like cloud computing and video conferencing, all of which use up a lot of your internet bandwidth. In addition, staff often work across multiple devices, which adds to your internet traffic and increases the demand on your establishment’s network.

With a subpar internet connection, someone using up the bandwidth through a video conference can make a simple internet search or opening an email take minutes instead of seconds. It also prevents you from leveraging the full features of internet-based tools that help in different business processes and team collaboration.

According to Speedtest Global Index, Australia ranks at 57 out of 175 countries when it comes to fixed broadband internet speed at 71.37 Mbps, lower than the global average of 97.52. For companies whose services rely on fast internet speeds, a slow connection may be detrimental to their everyday processes.

PingCo, one of Australia’s leading providers of cloud and internet solutions, offers custom internet plans for commercial establishments and other businesses. With a customisable plan, you get all the bandwidth you need, as well as technical support from PingCo’s expert team.


Benefits of Fast and Reliable Internet for Business Establishments

It’s almost impossible to run a business today without an internet connection. From conceptualisation and creation to marketing and accounting, every aspect of a modern business requires internet use.

For more advanced tasks that make the business run smoother, bandwidth-consuming tools like cloud computing are a must. As such, you need high-speed and reliable internet to keep your business running. With a fast connection, your commercial establishment can enjoy the following benefits:

Accommodate more users

A slow internet connection shared between multiple devices can significantly clog the network traffic, leading to connectivity issues. But a business internet plan that utilises high-speed internet will give you the bandwidth you need to ensure every connected device has fast internet access.

Make business tools work efficiently

Plenty of essential business tools require high-speed and steady internet connection, such as point of sale systems, cloud storage and project management software. With a reliable and secure connection, these tools work without hiccups, reducing instances of business interruption.

Improve collaboration

Running a business involves building relationships with suppliers, partners, and other business associates located in different locations. The internet is required to foster these relationships. With a high-speed connection, you can keep up seamless business collaborations through messaging and document-sharing platforms.

Increase productivity

A slow internet connection makes everything sluggish—from opening emails to accessing cloud services—so employees waste so much time waiting for them to load, lowering productivity. With a high-speed internet and enough bandwidth, there’s little to no waiting time and you can do tasks without interruption.

Features And Benefits

Business and Commercial Internet Plans

For competitively priced, secure and customized internet plans for commercial establishments and other businesses, turn to PingCo.

As a leading provider of cloud solutions for businesses, PingCo offers fast and reliable internet access. With high-speed and secure internet connection that can support all your internet-based business processes, you can accomplish tasks on time and propel your business forward.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable and competitive pricing compared to industry peers

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited upload and download to support your business demands.

Virtual Router

A free virtual router within our virtual data center is provided

Virtual Firewall

An optional virtual firewall appliance is available to replace the free router provided

Static Public IP

Static public IP is provided as a standard for our internet access solutions

Additional IPs

Ability to purchase additional blocks of public IP addresses

Why US?

Why Choose PingCo?

Secure Connection

For peace of mind when accessing important files and services, as well as for the protection of your organisation’s devices, PingCo provides highly secure internet access.

Customisable Plans

Other providers inundate you with add-ons that you don’t need for your service. PingCo offers different broadband traffic classes and allows you to customise your business internet plans based on what your organisation needs.

Reliable Carriers

With our plethora of network carriers in Australia known for their superb business-specific benefits, you get internet access that fits what your business needs.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our internet access services for businesses are simple and straightforward. But if you ever encounter connectivity issues or hardware problems, our team is available for support anytime.

Bring Your Business Forward With Secure Internet Access

PingCo is ready to help commercial establishments and other businesses take advantage of a faster and more reliable internet connection. Contact us today at 1300 746 426 for enquiries.


Secure Internet Access

PingCo are leaders in helping businesses migrate to the cloud and gain fast, reliable and secure internet access with the capacity to support all of their needs. Speak to a friendly expert today and let us find a customised solution that works for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

PingCo offers various internet plans for commercial establishments and other businesses in Australia, so they vary in costs. Customisations in the plan to fit your business needs also affect the price. Rest assured, though, that these are competitively priced. Get in touch with PingCo today so we can discuss packages.

PingCo has the fastest and most reliable internet plans for businesses. The speeds also vary depending on the carrier, as well as the plan you choose.

With high-speed internet plans from PingCo, your business establishment can enjoy unlimited bandwidth that ensures every connected device has a fast and reliable connection. Every plan also comes with a virtual firewall and static public IP for security and stability.

The PingCo technical team can help you resolve any connection issues and hardware problem. Simply contact us and we’ll provide you with the support you need.