Internet Access

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Tailor-Made Internet Access

Tailor-Made Internet Access That Supports Business Demand With over 6 million routes in our routing table, you can be assured PingCo have the fastest, most reliable internet product for your needs! Our internet platform is a mesh of carriers allowing us to guarantee the least amount of ‘hops’ to your destination in 90% of cases. Our network and internet platform is typically just one ‘hop’ away to your Australian destinations.

Features And Benefits

Benefits Of Internet Access

Competitive Pricing

Affordable and competitive pricing compared to industry peers

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited upload and download to support your business demands.

Virtual Router

A free virtual router within our virtual data center is provided

Virtual Firewall

An optional virtual firewall appliance is available to replace the free router provided

Static Public IP

Static public IP is provided as a standard for our internet access solutions

Additional IPs

Ability to purchase additional blocks of public IP addresses


Secure Internet Access

PingCo are leaders in helping businesses migrate to the cloud and gain fast, reliable and secure internet access with the capacity to support all of their needs. Speak to a friendly expert today and let us find a customised solution that works for you.

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