Fast and Easy Microsoft Teams Direct Routing in Australia

Microsoft Teams calling plans in Australia simplify connection and collaboration.

You can have this service up and running in 15 minutes with PingCo.

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Microsoft Teams Calling


PingCo is your Direct Routing partner that enables external communications using Microsoft Teams. With PingCo’s Direct Routing calling service, your entire team can make and receive calls to and from people not just within the workplace, but also outside—all under one system!

Microsoft Teams Calling is an all-inclusive cloud-based communication platform that brings together all of your communication channels into one place to make collaboration with your employees and clients a breeze.

Teams Calling replaces your traditional phone system and allows users to make and receive calls on any device and from anywhere in the world. Take your business beyond the office with voice calling, Microsoft Teams video calling, Microsoft Teams conference call, video conferencing, voicemail and much more.

Do all these and more in the cloud with PingCo.


What to Expect in Microsoft Teams Calling

The calling feature from Microsoft teams enhances workplace communications by enabling different forms of communication across the Microsoft Office 365 suite. PingCo’s Direct Routing service augments the benefits from Microsoft Teams with the following features:

Full Phone System features

With Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, you get all the basic features of Phone System. This includes call forwarding, group call pickup, device switching, and integrated dial pad.


One of the best features of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is the ability of different systems to communicate with one another. This means you won’t need to replace your workplace’s entire phone system.


Direct Routing Microsoft Team calls is a cost-effective option. This service allows you to operate on simple calling plans while still enjoying the benefits of Microsoft Teams.

Swift and simple deployment

Microsoft Team Calling can take hours to set up. PingCo does this at a fraction of the average time, offering Microsoft Team Calling setup within 15 minutes.

Microsoft Parnership

End To End Setup

PingCo have partnered with Microsoft to make our customers’ journey into Microsoft Teams Calling a smooth and efficient one. We’ll help you set it up, select the right Microsoft calling plan and handle all of the technical bits so you don’t have to. Then, we’ll work with you to configure the platform to suit your unique needs so you’re ready to go.

Get started today with a free trial and discover how Microsoft Teams Calling can unify your team and take your productivity to new heights

Centralized Portal

Exclusive Microsoft Teams Calling Portal

When you join with us, you’ll gain access to our unique PingCo Teams portal to help you control your organisation’s Teams Calling platform. In just 15-minutes, we’re able to purchase new numbers, port existing numbers and control your users permissions all in the same place.

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Features And Benefits

Benefits Of Microsoft Teams Calling

Unified Channel

Unifies all of your communication channels under one roof so all services work seamlessly together


Video calling and conferencing makes working from home effective


Make and receive calls directly from the Microsoft Teams app

VoIP Services

Use your existing phone number from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Simple Hardwares

Limited hardware needed - can be used with any headset or headphones

Automatic Updates

Automatically updates with your O365 updates

Platform Integrations

Integrates into your existing platform - no need to learn a software

Ongoing Support

Technical support and first-class customer service by the Microsoft experts at PingCo


How Direct Routing Works

When Microsoft released Teams to integrate with their Office 365 suite in 2017, it made communication among workplace teams more seamless.

With Direct Routing, your team can make and receive phone calls between members and from outsiders. This also allows businesses to continue using Microsoft Teams while keeping their chosen telephony provider for call lines and minutes.

Here’s how it works:

Session Border Control Technology

Once your workplace is using Microsoft Teams, we manage the connection between your SIP trunk or PSTN and the Microsoft Phone System through an SBC or Session Border Controller.

An SBC works by mediating the call between the Microsoft Teams client and the other participant. Outgoing calls, for example, get routed through the SBC before it appears to the recipient using SIP trunk or PSTN.

Who is Direct Routing For?

Direct Routing is developed with seamless collaboration within organisations in mind. It’s made for workplace teams that use Microsoft Teams as their PBX, but want to enjoy more flexibility and cost-efficiency than calling plans that Microsoft offers.

SEe In In Action

Request A Demo

Want to see how it works? Enquire with us today and the PingCo team can give you a free personalised demonstration of both Microsoft Teams Calling and the PingCo Teams Portal.

We’ll show you the ins and outs of voice calling, video calling and video conferencing and how it can connect your team.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of Direct Routing varies depending on your organisation’s needs. However, you can rest assured that it’s cheaper than Microsoft’s own calling plans.

PingCo sets up Direct Routing within 30 minutes with the guidance and expert support of our onboarding teams and requires no in-house assistance from you.

Direct Routing is perfect for remote work to uphold excellent communication and seamless collaboration.

The PingCo team is one call away for any issue you may encounter with your Direct Routing setup.