Session Border Controller

Reducing security risks


Complete Your Security Package

Along With Your Managed Firewall Service, A Session Border Controller Will Complete Your Security Package. A virtual SBC connects you, through our data center, to your SIP service provider with a private and protected link for your Voice Over IP calls. Without one, you’re leaving your business susceptible to security risks that will cost both time and money to fix. An SBC is a critical element to any Cloud PBX or dedicated telephony solution. If you’re considering using Office 365 for its calling capabilities, an SBC is a must. PingCo is able to offer you a fully-hosted service, while still being 100% self-managed. You’ll get the control and functionality of this service without having to invest in purchasing your own infrastructure.

Features And Benefits

Benefits Of Session Border Controller Service


Flexibility on how to use and configure your own media gateway

Secure Gateway

Direct and secure gateway to SIP service providers

Tracing And Reporting

Access to reporting and tracing from our border controller service

Automatic Back Ups

Backups of the virtual SBC

High Security

Benefits of security being in the data centre

Quick Response Time

Fast response to block and counteract potential threats

Ease Of Use

Easy to use with better call quality and consistency

Ongoing Support

Technical support and advice by PingCo engineers when you need it

Complete Security Package

Infrastructure Safeguard

Safeguard your communications infrastructure and add an SBC to your cybersecurity strategy. Get started today by speaking with a PingCo expert.