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Reducing security risks and management costs, improving disaster recovery and increasing data mobility—get all these benefits and more with data centre virtualisation from PingCo.


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Data centres are physical infrastructures that house your organisation’s servers, routers, firewalls, storage systems and application delivery controllers.

While they offer plenty of benefits, such as physical control and sole access to information, onsite data centres also have downsides, including vulnerability to data loss and high maintenance costs.

Because of these cons, onsite IT infrastructures are inefficient. The cost of building a private data centre is high, so it’s often dated or at a location that’s not optimised for servers.

What’s more, onsite infrastructures are not often built with scalability in mind. So, when you need to update servers and other IT equipment, you’re likely to encounter installation issues.

Apart from this, the inflexibility of onsite data centers also lead to lack of data backup. Without sufficient backup and redundancies in place, your system functioning at capacity might crash. System downtime results in workflow interruption, which then leads to inefficiency.

According to San Francisco-based analytics company AppDynamics, large Australian companies (those with over 20,000 employees) lose an average of $144,062 per hour of downtime. Smaller Australian companies, meanwhile, report an average revenue loss of over $2,000 per hour of downtime.

With an average repair time of between 5 ½ and 6 hours, the financial impact of IT system downtime on Australian companies is staggering.

PingCo, a leading provider of cloud solutions for businesses in Australia, offers managed Virtual Data Centre (VDC) solutions. With your data centre virtualised, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant maintenance costs and physical locations of your servers. The cloud has you all covered.

End To End Solution

Server Virtualization

Virtualize your servers with PingCo’s Virtual Data Centre solution. We provide the backend hardware, storage, security and protection to ensure your valuable data is kept safe and secure. With access to wholly manage your servers, you remain in control without getting your hands dirty. Our Virtual Data Centre solution is a key component for an effective and successful cloud migration.

Features And Benefits

Benefits of Virtual Data Centres

Virtualisation is a game changer, especially in the field of technology. Without the need for multiple hardware, you can save costs on storage and maintenance. And in the age of cloud computing, virtualising entire data centres is not only possible but also convenient and accessible.

With your organisation’s servers  in VDCs in the cloud instead of on premise, you can reap the following benefits:

Better Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is one of the most important aspects of security for data centres. A solid disaster recovery plan helps minimise costly and disruptive downtime.

Disaster recovery for VDCs is simpler and smoother than onsite data centres. VDC operators can simply move all your organisation’s virtual machines to another virtual host in case of disaster, something that isn’t possible for onsite servers.

Cost saving and profitability

Considering it is next to impossible running a business without proper IT equipment and software, IT is a serious investment for any organisation.

Unfortunately, most IT services tie hardware and software together. With VDCs, software services are decoupled from hardware. This allows you to save money on hardware, the storage of the hardware and the cost of loss of productivity during downtime

Data mobility

At a time where working remotely is the norm, data mobility is a must. Putting your servers and entire data centre in the cloud allows your IT team to run, manage and provision any application or service remotely.

With your IT team spending less time managing your data centre infrastructure, they can use their time to improve IT processes and drive change within your organisation.

Increased organisation efficiency

Efficiency and productivity are two of the biggest factors that affect the success of a business. With outdated onsite servers, your business process will not run as smooth or at all, reducing efficiency and productivity.

But with the security and reliability that cloud servers offer, your data centre is backed up and is less prone to downtime. This allows your organisation to function smoothly and without interruption.

Remote Management

·Easily manage your infrastructure remotely and in real-time

Save Power Usage

Reduce your onsite power usage by removing onsite hardware. Reduce Carbon Footprint.

Flexible Deployment

Fast deployment of virtual servers. More flexible server deployment options compared to public cloud platforms

Ongoing Support

Full technical support provided for the life of the subscription

On Demand Allocation

Flexible pay-as-you-go monthly resource usage scheme

Fast Setup

Short account setup and provisioning time – typically less than a week

Service Integration

Ability to integrate with other PingCo services

Custom Solutions

Why Choose PingCo?

As a leading cloud solutions company for businesses in Australia, PingCo provides managed Virtual Data Centre solutions that make running your business smoother.

You get access to manage your servers while the PingCo team takes care of the needed hardware and security of your data, as well as the relocation of your existing data centre hardware, if you have any. Our server virtualisation gives you all the data centre services you and your IT team need without the stress of running and maintaining it.

With your servers hosted on the cloud through a VDC, your business is one step closer to a full cloud migration. After that, the sky’s the limit to what your company can achieve!

Contact PingCo today at 1300 746 426 so we can start migrating your servers to the cloud.


Frequently Asked Questions

PingCo provides some of the best rates for VDC in Australia, especially considering the backend support the team provides. Get in touch with us today to get a quote.

Yes, the PingCo team monitors all managed virtual servers. This helps us inform you of and address service failures on the off-chance they occur.

Like any tech solution, VDC isn’t perfect. Load-sharing can still be a problem when it comes to allocating resources in the VDC. However, providers like PingCo are always working to improve the server’s performance.

Virtualisation has been a trend in the IT landscape for a while and developers are looking for more ways to virtualise tech, so it’s a future-proof investment. And with all the financial benefits it brings, VDC is worth the move.