PingCo Specialised Services

PingCo has a range of services to help your business streamline your IT services and protect your data. These services can be managed as part of a Managed Service Agreement that is unique to your business’s needs. 

Cloud Connect

PingCo’s AWS Direct Connect and Express Route services allow you to create a private connection between your data center infrastructure and public cloud services. Our Cloud Connect service DOES NOT use public internet, ensuring the upmost security and speed when accessing your data.

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Internet Access

PingCo’s internet platform is a mesh of carriers allowing us to guarantee the least amount of ‘hops’ to your destination in 90% of cases. Our network and internet platform is typical one ‘hop’ away to your Australian destinations.

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Managed Firewall

With both physical and virtual firewalls on offer, a Manager Firewall Service is the best way to protect your data from unwanted intruders. This proactive approach secures your data and provides internal monitoring.

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Session Border Controller

A virtual SBC connects you, through our data center, to your SIP service provider. This service provides you with a private and protected link for your Voice over IP calls.

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Rack Space

Our Racks as a Service offering provides storage facilities for your physical hardware. We will store and protect your infrastructure off-site in our data center, without you losing control of you data and functionality.

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